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Looking for activities to entertain the kids? Fun family activities don't have to break the bank. These fun, entertaining, and adventurous activities can be done with little to no money almost any time of year. Check out a few ideas we have put together to keep the fun going!

Go to the Library

Going to the library can be a free or inexpensive way to find hours of entertainment and learning for grandparents, parents, and children alike. Check out movies, audio books, magazines, newspapers, or novels to pass the time at home as well. Visiting the library during special programming such as an interesting lecture or story hour is another great way to have fun on a budget!

Play a Board Game

Whether you're surrounded by rowdy adults or rambunctious children, there's a board game for your group! If you don't already have a closet full of board games, you can nab them on sale or at thrift stores for relatively cheap and get years of entertainment out of a single game. Even a pack of dice or cards for under a few bucks can be used in dozens of ways.

Make a Time Capsule

Find photographs and items around your home that represent this period of your life. Place them in a box with a letter to your future self and bury it someplace special to be opened at a later date.

Attend Community Events

Many communities host free events throughout the year or even throughout each month. Local schools may have a band or choir concert scheduled or perhaps there's an art exhibit at the community gallery or a gardening course at the extension office. Check the community calendar for exciting free events you can attend.


Volunteering doesn't cost a thing and pays out tenfold. Offer your time and effort to a local homeless shelter, animal shelter, free clinic, or abuse shelter. Even children can help!

There are hundreds more activities you can do for free - take a hike, walk the dog, or visit nursing home residents, to name a few. When you set your mind to frugal fund the possibilities are endless!

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